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The world has been significantly changing. We need to provide a more attractive, esthetic, and fresh approach to learn spiritual topics to get measurable results.
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We’d like to simplify your daily routine, so that why we’ve collected all necessary tools into a one robust kit.
Learn About Life with Bible
Why your users will love it?
For people, it’s not enough “What?”, while they are interested in “How?” How to inspire to start learning and finish it? How to keep the motivational level? How to lay the foundation to provide virus course spreading?
Learn About Life with Bible
Why your users will love it?
For people, it’s not enough “What?”, while they are interested in “How?” How to inspire to start learning and finish it? How to keep the motivational level? How to lay the foundation to provide virus course spreading?
It is like the learning process that picks you up and leading you in the direction where you’re a captain! You decide how your learning process will be developing and this strength inspires you to reach the goal! The tool for course creation makes your courses unprecedentedly flexible for every student.
That’s it. We are done with long reads! Let’s give it a go and use more interactive components, surveys, quizzes, Instagram style components. Add more variety that can motivate!
Invoke emotions and the audience will definitely love you! A strong emotion that will invoke interest, activates attention, and strengthen cognitive processes. Emotions help students to memorize much more information which means that studying results will be much better!
Let’s start a live dialogue! In the robotic world, the moment is coming when everyone needs simple human communication that is available right at the fingertips! Omnichannel Mentor Portal makes it simple and available.
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For ministry
For internal education of the church members
For those, who would like to share the knowledge
For external audience
For ministry
For internal education of the church members
For external audience
For those, who would like to share the knowledge
Meet the team!
Our mentors are always ready to give you a hand. They do know how to be helpful. Feel free to ask them and remember that they are here for you
The tastiest features!
Multiple content types
Build your courses using text, images, screenshots, videos, audio clips, presentations, or any other file format you need.
Data sources and forms
Create your own components using data sources easily. No codding skills needed.
Learning Portals set up
Pre-designed portal themes that meet your needs.
Full statistics
Get insightful data on learner activity and progress.
Students’ groups
Manage students’ access to the learning materials within the group.
Mentor students via messengers
Telegram, Viber, Facebook, and WhatsApp ready
Video Event set up
Create a Video Event, add episodes and make it up and running
Do you have a tricky question?
We've already prepared answers!
Who creates courses and lessons?
Can I contact the author of the course?
Who are mentors?
Can I learn the courses using the smartphone or tablet?

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Our Mission

We'd love to provide our Global Church with the necessary tools for creating and sharing the message that can change people's lives in a modern and interactive way.

Our team has created an engaging tool that supports the learning funnel, so you can lead your disciples through it to reach the main goal - transfer disciples to the local church community

It is curious to talk about the Connect platform, because I had the idea, a dream of doing something exactly the same, and when I went to present my project to Pr. Sam, he started to laugh, because that is exactly what the platform already offers. I believe that this is the future of presenting different topics through websites or applications. The interactivity is incredible, the functionality is simple, intuitive, and the result is awesome! I am completely happy with the Connect platform!
Vinicius A. Miranda


Great platform! It's a pleasure to create a course. Many tools are provided, a lot of ideas can be implemented. It's great that you can keep in touch with the platform admins - they are always in touch and ready to help. The development team did a great job, and as I understand it, the guys are not planning to stop. I constantly see updates on the platform, new cool options appear 👍🏻👍🏻


We have been struggling for years trying to find a good platform that would guide and mentor disciples. In the process, we tested several solutions that fail to deliver what we thought would be best for our user experiences. And that is precisely what Connect has offered us. A complete ecosystem that not only helps us but also empowers us to bring more people closer to the lord. On top of it, all the design and the easy way to use their tools is incredible. Overall a blessing to have them working alongside the same goals as we are.
Eduardo Bovo

Video Editor/Motion Graphics Artist at Al-Waad


Can I create publish courses on my own domain?

Sure, you can. Learning Portal (website for publishing courses) can be deployed on your own domain if you have one.

Is it possible to view the analytics on the platform?

Of course, you're able to view the course analytics and analytics for the each student as well. Moreover, we can set up the integration with the external analytical services.

How many messengers are available for the Mentor Portal?

There're four messengers you can use Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and Viber.

Do I need to know how to code if I'd like to use a chat-bot in my lessons?

No, it doesn't require any codding skills. All you need is to choose appropriate chatbot components and write a script.

Is there a possibility to view students' answers within the course?

Certainly, using Learning Portal manager (one of Connect services) you can easily view students' answers.

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