Is there a trial period while we can interact with your platform to realize whether it's convenient for me?

Sure, we can easily provide you with the trial access. Please, click on Request access if you'd like to get one.

How fast can you provide me with the technical support?

Technical support withing the Connect paltfrom will be provided according to the ticket system, so you can add a bug, indicate priority, and how to reproduce it. Maximum time frame to fix non-critical bugs or issues is 48h, while critical issues should be fixed much faster.

Can I upload my own videos to the platform?

You can upload short videos (up to 20 megabytes) to our special component. The main way to add videos to the platform is to add YouTube or Vimeo url to the video you'd like to add.

How fast can you run a website on our domain?

It will not take you more than 10 minutes to create a Learning Portal (website for publishing courses). You'll definitely need a bit more time to add all necessary content to it.

I have created a webinar, but how can I activate YouTube studio?

It is easy, you just need to send the request for your YouTube account verification.

What is the difference among the types of tests on the platform?

There are three types of tests on the Connect platform. Test with the automatic check without results, so once the student has completed the test there is no any component what illustrates the results, whether student has passed or failed the test. Second one, is the test with the results at the end, in case the student has failed the test, he can try to pass it again. Third one is the test which can be sent to the Mentor Portal for the mentor's check.

Can I held webinars on the Connect platform?

Yes, you can. For now we have YouTube integration for holding webinars on Connect.

Is there a possibility to import the student base to the platform?

Of course, we can do it.

How can I get the students' contact details who has started the course? I need to send them some marketing letters.

You can easily do it yourself. All you need to open the course detail on the Learning Portal manager, go to the statistics tab and click on the second card (the one with play button).

Can I view students' answers to questions of the lesson or test?

Sure, you can easily do it. Use Learning Portal manager to view the answers.

Is there a possibility to send the certificates for students who have finished the course?

Sure, we have this possibility.

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