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Why Connect?
Interactive approach
The only school that is based on 4D principle when studying the Bible: Context, Vocabulary, History, Practice
Online assistant
Interactive platform. In order to study the Bible were practical for you, interesting, honest and deep!
Simple course builder
All you need is to simply use our pre-prepared components, change content, add chatbots and here is your first course.
Convenient CRM system
View students answers and feedbacks they left to improve your lessons and courses. Moreover, you can view course statistics, how many students started and finished course and much more.
My study for students
As a student you can view your studying progress, courses and lessons you have ever interacted with.
Mentor's support
No more old fashioned email writing, all you need is to choose the messenger, which you find convenient and drop some lines to the chosen mentor. Don't worry everything is private, feel free to be honest.
Learning Portal set up
You know, it is not enough if you just create a course, How will you make it available for other students? You need to publish it somewhere. That's why you need to use and customize your Learning Portal. What is the Learning Portal? Learning Portal is a website where you can publish your courses, don't worry you don't need to work with code.
Our Mission

We'd love to provide our Global Church with the necessary tools for creating and sharing the information that can change people's lives in a modern and interactive way.

Our team has created an engaging tool that supports the learning funnel, so you can lead your disciples through it to reach the main goal - transfer your disciples to the local church representatives.

Who are these courses for?
It is for people, who would like to reach great learning results.
For those, who want to add interactivity to the lessons.
For those, who are striving to get a high quality education.
People seeking answers to life’s biggest questions.
I saw an advertisement on Facebook for the “Look into the Future” course. I liked tests which were used, which helped to understand the lessons better, and videos that can be viewed sitting in a car. I would like more courses like this one


Connect is an excellent platform for online education with a special approach. Our students study with great interest. They said that working with chat bot is cool, so everyone seems to be going through one lesson, but everyone has their own script.

Media representative

Anyone who knows how to work with Power-point can easily design an interactive course with Connect. Help of programmers is not required if you decide to add a course to the website, so it helps to save money both on course creation and maintenance.

Task manager

For ministry
For internal education of the church members
For those, who would like to share the knowledge
For external audience


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Why Connect?
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